Hello there, I'm Kerry the illustrator behind Just Smile Designs.

I started my business online selling on Etsy (I still do), I also did events to help promote my business until Spark York appeared in my life.

It was a container village that was popping up in York to help start up business' and to see if they can make it in real bricks and mortar. So I applied as having a shipping container shop sounded epic! I painted my counter pink, painted the koala on, as I thought a grey + pink colour combo would be cute .... and the rest is history ha ha!

I have now moved into my own BRICKS and MORTAR shop, with my Koala by my side (since she's become my official branding now) and I'm loving it!

 I love drawing woodland animals and I have an obsession with flowers and anything floral.

 A bit of information on my business name:
I wanted to name my shop something cute so everyone could remember and so I came up with Just Smile. As when you receive a card from someone it puts a smile on your face! (Designs came later).

Lets bring snail mail back!

 ✽ Love Kerry ✽ 

 This is my little shop in York located 1 minute walk from the Minster Cathedral

5 Bootham York, YO30 7BN

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